The Bible Collection Moses: Featuring Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley(Gandhi, Hoses of Sand & Fog), and Frank Langella, David Suchet and Christopher Lee portray other powerful Biblical figure in this monumental production.

Views: This film helps revisit the Old Testaments, watching this movie makes you feel part of the journey. 5start

Prince of Egypt. A man of God. An epic from the Bible collection. Faith in God is the main theme in this movie. A journey of how Moses led the men and woman of Israel from Egypt to the Land of the Cannanites as the promised LAND. All the glory and spectacle are here: Moses's childhood, Pharaoh's court, God's voice from the burning bush, the dreadful plahues, the parting of the Red Sea, the granting of the Ten Commandments.

Audience: NOT RATED.

Duration:182 Mins. Showing on: 14th October 2006 Venue:Appin Room Scots Kirk Lausanne

Time: 16:00 PM


Interesting Bible Relevance:

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