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Let's look at the beginning while reflecting on the present.

If a blind lead a blind they both will fall, how the book of Job points at one while the book of John explains the point.

And their came a time when the Son's of God came to report to God, so also came the Satan to the presence of God, and God asked Satan why have you come?, I have run out of souls to tempt; said satan .

So, same event was repeated in the gospel of 1John:3, it was written that for this reason were the Son's of God manifested and the children of devil were also manifested. .

Who Then Knows the heart of the Lord?, When we pray our Spirit pray's on our behalf, God is Spirit who ever worship Him must worship Him in Spirit.

That you may know the truth, because Christ said that when the time will come it will not be you speaking but the Spirit from the Father and the Spirit will only say what he heard. The creator who made all things has His reason for creation, just like He sends rain to the rich and the poor. It is not in our place to ask why nature has manifested, most of all we have no right to assume the creation of which is based on false creation just because of ill education on the knowledge of power exist in God. Note that the creator has reserved for Himself the right to manifest His powers to whom ever He choose, just like He calls on the prophets, some of these prophets also were not all alike for some fell from glory. How much can we content with or comprehend if the matter of God were to be explained to us, this life is simply not enough to behold the reasoning or understanding of the things of God. So for this reason it was written that when we are in this tabernacle we are absent from the Father, and being away from the father means lack of knowledge of the things of the father.

Brief summary, please pay attention to our meaning so the the words are not taken out of context, since this is a series we urge you to follow the series. Our task is like the farmer who sow's the seed, the seed is the Spiritual word which we believe will get us into the gate of peace everlasting. If we can pursued you to obtain an everlasting life then we surely will meet before the Great One, if you feel you need more explanation regarding any of our series, we will surely endeavor to help. So, it is not all seed that are sawn will grow, this is because we have advocate who is against every mistake we make in our human form. The satan is that advocate, we do not fully understand his nature and his tricks, the satan even came to Christ, why because Christ was in the human form, else the satan would not have approach Him. So you see, the satan war after the human body, and we know that human body does not last forever instead the soul does and all soul belongs to God, even the soul of the fallen satan. Do not let the warning depart from your heart, satan will give you 1000,000,000 reason why you should discard every line of what you have read. If God permit, we shall again praise Him in another series of the Gospel Truth.

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