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Information has been the key part of survival, For God said, as early I send my Prophets to you; indeed, many prophets had came and gone. The most recently is that God so Love the World that He sent His only begotten Son, So that we may hear the information of life and live. So you see, the key part has always been with us for thousands of years. So, my friend, any information you would like us to consider will be highly welcome. Please you can complete and submit this form online or by post to: London: 74 Elmslie Point, Ackroyd Drive, London E3 4LD UK Switzerland: C. OK'ONKWO Ave. du 14 Avril 29, RENENS VD
  1. Fellowship Renens : 10th June 2009
  2. Screening Part 1: The Gospel of Matthews - London 28th June 2009
  3. Screening Part 2: The Gospel of Matthews - London 29th June 2009
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